Meetings With Spirit

  a gathering of your spirit guides and loved ones

Meetings with Spirit

My journey into Mediumship has been a life changing experience in more ways I could have imagined. As a child, I was always aware of spirit activity where we lived but didn't really pay attention to it. Everything changed after the passing of my Mother in 1997. I began reading tarot cards soon after to help make sense of the energies I was picking up on.

 In 2001 I went to Lilydale Assembly in Upstate NY where I was given a message by a medium at a public demonstration and I was amazed! I returned home and immediately sought out workshops, trainings and any education I could participate in to help me to understand what mediumship was.

I was inspired to complete a program with a medium from the Trilogy Institute and in 2008 attended a final workshop to be publicly tested in delivering accurate messages.

My primary focus is to prove the spirit does continue after a physical death, but also to bring assurance to loved ones after a loss.

All Meetings are recorded and emailed so you could focus on the messages and guidance. Friends and family are welcome to sit in during your meeting if you are more comfortable, this will not interfere.

Please call with any questions you may have and I will clarify the best way I can. Enjoy your day!