Meetings With Spirit

  a gathering of your spirit guides and loved ones

Customer Testimonials

Angela is amazing. I mentioned having a strange occurance in my life and she told me to pay attention to my dreams in the coming weeks . Almost exactly 2 weeks later I had two odd dreams in a row and knew that was what I was looking for. I explained the dreams to Angela and she gave me a reading I will never forget. She spoke with my great grandfather who died young, before I was born who had a message for my ill grandfather. She knew about my past failed relationship through talking with someone else who passed. Needless to say, by the time the reading was over I had goosebumps. If you are looking for an honest, thorough reading look no further.- Amy VT


" I worked with Angela and a couple of years ago my father passed away. Now my father was in a wheel chair for many years. I never spoke about my father at work so there was no knowledge of his condition When I returned to work. Angela called me and said she was sorry but kept seeing a very happy man doing a crazy dance. When I was a child my father always did this silly dance and we would laugh. When he was passing over I talked about how he would walk again and he could do his famous silly dance I will never forget that conversation with her that day. There have been other times when she would call me with things she was seeing but this one I will never forget. 

- Marie G


I met with Angela and was absolutely amazed!!!! She has put me at peace with a loved one, she has answered so many unanswered questions for me. I would highly recommend her, she was on point with every subject she touched on. 

Angela knows one of my family members and spirit gave her a message that I needed. It was amazing that this stranger could tell me about my life. My thought was if spirit trust her why shouldn't I. - Josette